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Come In From the Cold

Curious about a humanist winter holiday celebration?  We were streaming live from the MIT Chapel on December 13, 2018.  Click here to watch.  Happy holidays to you and yours! Come In From the Cold: MIT Humanist Community Winter Celebration Music by Nedelka Prescod, Musician-In-Residence, MIT Chapel Invocation, Nina Lytton, Chaplaincy Intern, The Humanist Hub Firestarting, David Whitlock, […]

A Holiday Celebration for the Rest of Us

It’s cold. It’s dark. Are we seasonally depressed? Yeah. Tense over exams and work? Yeah. Difficult times for our country and our world? Double yeah. If you’re passionately celebrating a religious holiday right now, great. But if you’re not particularly religious, come and join atheists, agnostics and allies in the greater MIT community as we […]

Paradoxes of Ethical Leadership

MIT students, researchers, and faculty are shaping the future. Literally. Last week in discussion group, the ethical considerations of editing the human genome came up. There’s so much at stake, it feels overwhelming. Are technologies like CRISPR a gift to humanity, or a curse, or both? The answer depends on us, we humans. On how […]

She, He, and They: Forging a New Relationship

Steve Bannon is concerned that women are going to take over society.  Really?  The way he talks about it, it’s like it has to be either men in charge or women in charge.  Why this binary thinking?   Why always a ladder of rank where some are less valuable?  It’s time to question the idea […]

Inviting Your Input

Beavers are nature’s collaborators.  We don’t do anything alone.  I’m working with MIT’s new Humanist Chaplain, Greg Epstein, and the Humanist Hub to plan an MIT Community Holiday Celebration scheduled for Thursday evening December 13.  This date is right between the end of classes and exam week. MIT students and community: we need your input and […]

The $weet Life

MIT Humanist Discussion Group meets Thursday at 4:30 in the Chapel, W15 This week’s topic: The $weet Life (with MIT Humanist Chaplain Greg Epstein and Chaplaincy Intern Nina Lytton) Cutthroat competition without (you fill in the blank) soon becomes bloody battle that leaves us emotionally, physically, ethically, and socially barren. 5-minute read: How to Reimagine […]

Money Talks, Humanity Walks?

Who are we as humans, and how do we measure our worth? Can we talk about money, and all it signifies?  Let’s start the discussion with Lauren Greenfield’s documentary Generation Wealth. Greenfield began her career as a photojournalist by documenting LA teenagers’ romance with wealth. Decades later, she returned to assess how those teens, now at […]

Binary Thinking

We humanists fancy ourselves to be free to conduct discernment of our life stance because we reject supernaturalism.  But we seldom stop to think about the way biblical narratives have shaped western culture outside the church. This is the water we’re swimming in, and we don’t notice it.   I’ll give you a personal example. […]