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Past Newsletters

Week of April 4: Radical Love: Blackness, Embodiment, and Revolutionary Acts of Freedom

Week of March 30: Last Chance to Order Hub T-Shirts!

Week of March 28: Jordan Klepper Sold Out, More April Speakers Up (& Hub T-Shirts)

Week of March 20: Bart and Tony Campolo: Why I Left, Why I Stayed

Week of March 16: Hey Parents! Bring Your Families to the Hub on Sunday!

Week of March 14: Lama Rod Owens: What Humanist Communities Can Learn From Buddhism

Week of March 8: Free BQL & Kids Programs This Week

Week of March 6: Sun: Boston Globe “Love Letters” Columnist Meredith Goldstein

Week of March 6: RELEASE: First Atheist NFL Star Speaks at Harvard

Week of February 28: Alfie Kohn: Raising Rebels (& Free Kids Programs Kickoff)

Week of February 21: Announcing: Alan Lightman Accepts Humanism in Literature Award

Week of February 13: Greg Epstein: Humanism & Badassery (And Big Announcement for Parents!)

Week of February 7: Love & The American Hookup Culture

Week of January 31: Using Science to Fight Mental Health Stigma

Week of January 24: Sun: Senator Pat Jehlen on MA Education

Week of January 18: Masculinity and What It Means to Be Male Today

Week of January 10: Dr. Erik Gregory & Literature of Humanism

Week of January 3: Happy New Year! (And Happy New Programs!)

Week of December 29: We’re in the New York Times Magazine (And the Boston Globe)

Week of December 28: No Program Jan 1 But Lots Coming Up!

Week of December 20: Hub Potluck on 12/25 & Our New Nursery

Week of December 12: Author Anne Bernays: Feminism and Publishing

Week of December 6: What Chinese Philosophers Can Teach Us About the Good Life

Week of November 29: Greg Epstein: Leadership in Dark Times

Week of November 21: Happy Thanksgiving! (Potluck & Office Hours on Sunday)

Week of November 15: Processing Grief and Loss as Humanists (And Bioethics This Sunday)

Week of November 7: Monstress: Modern, Feminist Mythology in Comics

Week of November 1: Greg Epstein: Fatherhood & the Most Powerful Word in the World

Week of October 25: How Can We Grieve for the Lives We’ll Never Live?

Week of October 17: BLM’s Shaun King, Grief & Humanism, and More

Week of October 4: Secular Addiction Recovery: Celebrating the Founder

Week of September 26: Salem Witch Trials & the American Experience

Week of September 19: Humanism, Mortality & the Brain: One Woman’s Story

Week of September 13: Growing Up in a Transcendental Meditation Community

Week of September 6: Humanism, Freedom & 9/11 (Fall 2016 Semester Kickoff)