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Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Meaning of Human Existence

“After many close calls, extraordinary suffering … we staggered onto the stage to the grief of most of the rest of life.” Last Sunday the Humanist HUB had to turn people away. And for good reason. The center was at capacity with people eagerly awaiting the afternoon’s speaker: famed evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson. Winner […]

The Thousand Year Floods

Circa 8 CE Ovid wrote about an ancient flood the gods of Olympus unleashed upon the earth, leaving only the pious couple Deucalion and Pyrrha looking over the side of their small boat to see fields and villages underwater—dolphins brushing the trees. A pre-colonial Aztec myth says that during the era of the fourth sun, […]

A Call For New Myths

I am a white man who’s been raised on violence. That’s not the takeaway I’d expected when I arrived for my first visit to the Humanist HUB last Sunday. Not in the least. The afternoon’s speaker, Colin Stokes, was slated to talk about movies in pop culture. Bright shafts of sun lit the heads of […]