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Monthly Archives: December 2018

Come In From the Cold

Curious about a humanist winter holiday celebration?  We were streaming live from the MIT Chapel on December 13, 2018.  Click here to watch.  Happy holidays to you and yours! Come In From the Cold: MIT Humanist Community Winter Celebration Music by Nedelka Prescod, Musician-In-Residence, MIT Chapel Invocation, Nina Lytton, Chaplaincy Intern, The Humanist Hub Firestarting, David Whitlock, […]

A Holiday Celebration for the Rest of Us

It’s cold. It’s dark. Are we seasonally depressed? Yeah. Tense over exams and work? Yeah. Difficult times for our country and our world? Double yeah. If you’re passionately celebrating a religious holiday right now, great. But if you’re not particularly religious, come and join atheists, agnostics and allies in the greater MIT community as we […]